The Best Men’s Hairstyle Guide for Long, Non-Defined, & Round Faces | Oval, Oblong, Heart Face Shape

For men that were not born with great jawlines, cheekbones, & well structured faces, I believe a great accompanying hairstyle is key in making a man look and feel his very best. The Oval/Round, Oblong/Rectangle, & Heart/Inverted Triangle face shapes in my opinion are the more undefined/soft/non-structured faces among men. All are combinations of long, soft, and round, which unlike guys like David Beckham, requires certain hairstyles to make those faces look as attractive and masculine as possible. Although the celebrities in this video are as HANDSOME as ever, you will notice how a great suiting hairstyle that works with their face shape, goes a long way in their natural attractiveness.

1) Oval or Round Face – Cannot go wrong with variations of a Comb Over hairstyle. If you want something more on the edgy and messy end, try a Textured Quiff or different Modern Side Swept hairstyle look. HIGHLY recommend a good fade on the sides. Avoid down fringe hairstyles, but if going for that style, keep the fringe short to medium length and be sure to add sharp textures and angles. GOAL for any of the recommend hairstyles, is to add angles and sharp finishes to make your face look less soft and more defined like a Square face.

2) Oblong or Rectangle Face – Try a swift looking, but relatively clean fringe hairstyle with short sides. AVOID fades at all costs UNLESS top hair is well balanced and short. If the fringe is not for you, go for variations of any Ivey League Hairstyle, my favourites within this category is either a classic Side Part hairstyle or a light Brush Up hairstyle. GOAL for any hairstyle is to make your face look like the shortest rectangle as possible which means good volume and that blends in and balances out with the sides.

3) Heart or Inverted Triangle Face (i.e. Also works for a general Triangle Face Shape) – Consider a Low Fade Textured Fringe hairstyle. STAY AWAY from super skin tight sharp fades and high fades. If a fringe is not for you go for any variations of a Layered hairstyle. My personal recommendations within this category is going for different looks of a Dimensional Quiff Hairstyle, where your hair is focused on layers and filling all the spaces and gaps in between. GOAL is to make your face more proportional by making your chin less pointy and your forehead less abrupt, which means avoiding CRISPY like hairstyles and having more of a care free and messy look.

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