Regency Updo for Very Long Hair ⊰ Historical Hairstyle ⊱ Rag Curls and Braids

A history infused tutorial, with tips and tricks for styling extremely long, knee-length hair into Regency hairstyles.

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I present to you, the hairstyle that I wore for a Regency Era ball. I took inspiration from multiple paintings and fashion plates to come up with an end result that complements my 1823 gown. However, my primary focus was to figure out a way to make my super long hair work as short curls on the side.
How ever did I accomplish that?
Watch the video to find out!

If you’ve tried this hairstyle, or some of the tricks to achieve a different look, please let me know how it worked!

❧ Anna 
❧ Pretty Shepherd

✥ Music is from YouTube’s Audio Library:
“Invitation to the Castle Ball”
“Baroque Coffee House”

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