Mens Long Hairstyle Inspiration on Instagram – Best Accounts to Follow

If you’re on the long hair bandwagon right now and need some mens long hair inspiration, you are definitely watch the right video lol.

Now I know a lot of you come here for the long hair content, you come here for the hair growth content, which is awesome, but I also kind of just wanted to go out on a whim here and sort of give credit to other people on the internet that I get my long hair inspo from.

It’s probably to my detriment that I’m showing you other people that have cool long hair, but seriously this is where I get all of my long hair inspo and my looks.

I’m like a style chameleon really. I usually get my inspiration from many different places and I put it all together to make up my own image.

There’s a few mens long hair profiles in particular that I follow on instagram for different reasons, which we’re gonna going be having a look at in this video.

So, hopefully you guys get some inspo from them as well.

Profile 1: Brock O’hurn
IG: @brockohurn
Now, if you haven’t heard of Brock O’hurn yet, I’d be very surprised. So, years and years and years ago, probably about maybe six years or seven years, when the man bun started to get really popular this guy was everywhere on TV.

He had a real trend for the man bun going on. Now, the thing I like about Brock O’hurn is he has super, super long hair but– but at the same time has a really buff appearance. He’s probably the more masculine long haired guy that I could think of or that I follow, and the thing I really like about him is body inspo as well as the long hair.

Profile 2: Lithunium Snow
IG: @lithunium.snow
Wwith lithunium, I don’t think I would ever wear the same things that he does, and the type of content he makes is more, it’s more androgynous and really like out there. He plays a lot with makeup and does a lot of braiding and wigs and things like that.

He does have long hair, like generally, but he also plays around with the wigs and really likes to switch up his look.

Profile 3: Jay Alvarrez
IG: @jayalvarrez
The next one is going to be Jay Alvarrez. I Love Jay Alvarrez. You probably see, he always pops in on the side. Kim knows my asphyxiation with this guy. Now, the thing with Jay, he doesn’t make content about his hair at all.

He’s just got hair that you look at and you’re like, “Damn, I need that for inspo”. He just has great looks.

Profile 4: The Long Hairs
IG: @thelonghairs
The Long Hairs are known for their really awesome hair ties for guys. So, they’ve come up with really beautiful, beautiful patterns and a really sturdy hair tie made specifically for men. And now the reason I wanted to feature The Long Hairs was because these guys are more community based.

So, they don’t produce a lot of video content as such of how to do your hair, They’re more about the long hair community and what it means to be a guy with long hair. And it kind of creates a safe space for men with long hair to go and you know, talk about something that they have in common.

Profile 5: Elio Heres
IG: @elioheres
Elio has a very, very interesting fashion sense as well as a great mane. So he has very, very long curly hair, which I love, it’s very beautiful.

He’s got so much sass on here. But the main reason I like to follow him on top of having long hair, is he has very androgynous, very different fashion.

Profile 6: Giaro Giarratana
IG: @giarogiarratana
The last profile is Giaro Giarratana. So this is another one if you’re a Pinterest person and you’ve ever typed in long hair, Giaro will definitely, definitely, definitely pop up.

So, this guy, whoa, he’s is like look goals completely. So he’s probably the really long haired version of what Jay Alvarrez is so they’re both travellers, and they both make amazing content travelling around the world and going to exotic places and doing absolutely absurd things. Like jumping out of planes. Like diving off balconies into shallow pools and somehow not breaking their neck, but they’ve just got a real lifestyle appeal.

And that brings us to the end! I hope you found this useful, and I hope you end up going and following these guys because they are all really cool and I wish actually,

I’d love to have a party with all of them because they’ve all got sick long hair and we can just like chill out, but maybe one day.

We’re nearly at 100K so, gonna have a party of that. All right guys, so yeah. That’s it, please let me know what you thought of this video in the comments section below.

Good luck on your hair growth journeys, and I’ll see you next week for another video.

Yours in good hair,

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