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Equally as important as clothing is your face and your hair thus today’s video.

Caring for your hair has a lot to do with caring for your scalp. After all, while hair follicles can be of different thicknesses and of different shapes resulting therefore in straight, wavy, kinky, or curly hair, the strands themselves aren’t actually living. Therefore, proper hair care starts at the scalp.

Your scalp naturally secretes an oil called sebum which is what keeps both your scalp and your hair hydrated and healthy, therefore, it’s important to know that different people have different scalp types. There are three types
overall, those being oily, dry, and normal.

We’ll start here with tip number 1 which is to take lukewarm showers. Taking piping hot showers, while they can certainly feel good, will strip all of the natural oils out of your hair making it look dry and also more prone to frizziness and split ends but while you may think that the answer would then be to take a bracing cold shower, this actually won’t help you a lot in the long run either.

Tip number two is that you’re going to want to look for something that’s sulfate free. The issue with most cheaper shampoos is that they’ll contain compounds called sulfates. You’ll usually see these in the
ingredients list under names like sodium lauryl sulfate, for example. The main point of these ingredients is to make shampoo foam more and create more suds because naturally, we feel that if a product is sudsing, it’s doing a better job of cleaning things, it’s just a natural human impulse. In addition to creating more bubbles though, these sulfates are going to take the natural oils out of your hair, which as we’ve already discussed, isn’t a good thing.

Point number three is that you don’t have to shampoo your hair as often as you’d think. Most men probably shampoo their hair every time they take a shower but this simply isn’t necessary. Even shampoos that are free of sulfates are going to take the natural oils out of your hair more quickly.

Tip number four which is to use conditioner. When you shower, conditioner is designed to moisturize and protect your hair and also soothe and settle down its cuticles which are the rough shingle like edges around the central hair shaft.

Tip number five then naturally comes after you’ve washed your hair, when towelling off, be gentle.

Tip number six is also in the subject of drying your hair, avoid the blow-dryer. Not only will the hot air from most blow dryers lead to more frizziness and split ends, it’s also going to dry out your scalp.

Tip number seven is to use the appropriate amount of styling product. Using product to add more life to your hair or just to do something different with it than it would naturally is a great way to change things up and enhance your look. Still, if you use too much product, your hair is probably going to look matted down or otherwise, unnatural.

Tip number eight is also on this same subject which is to keep your hair natural. What we mean by this is excessive perming, coloring, straightening, and so on is just going to excessively damage your hair.

Tip number nine is to use the right tools in the right ways. Hair is naturally delicate so it’s important that you know how to style it without doing any damage.

Tip number ten is to get a haircut regularly to keep your hair looking neat and trim. It’s important that you have a regular haircut routine.

Tip number 11 is to avoid hats, headbands, and other headgear that’s too tight on your head. Putting on head wear that’s too tight may cause decreased blood circulation to your scalp and therefore, your hair might be less healthy.

Tip number 12 is to avoid chlorine as much as possible. The chlorine that you’ll typically find in swimming pools is very harmful to your hair as it’s going to dry out both the hair and the scalp.

Tip number 13 here is to avoid excessive time in the Sun without headwear.

Tip number 14 is to avoid stress. Specifically, this is because stress has been shown to tighten the scalp and restrict blood flow, therefore, cutting things off to the hair.

Tip number 15 is, in general, try to stay healthy as much as

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