✅ Reviewing My Subscriber’s Hair EP6 – Mens Long Hairstyles

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Woodroffe Hotel in Southport where the internet sucks, and the rooms are small. Welcome back to my channel, guys. This is episode six of Reviewing My Subscribers Hair. Holy moly, that’s six.

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We’ve been doing this for six months now. Can you believe that? Coolest thing ever, love doing this. Again I’ve got five people who I’m going to just review in depth, and then I’ve got five special mentions that I thought were really great but couldn’t fit in the video ’cause they do go for quite some time.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an image and here’s a list of everyone featured in this video:

Richard Verbeek
IG Handle: @richard_verbeek1986
Question: I can’t remember the last time I visited the barber. I am a bit too nervous to go for a Trim actually. My Question is: Does my hair need a trim by now? And how can I prepare myself for my first barber visit in a long time? xD. Btw, awesome Youtube channel. Your video’s help me a out a ton! Tnx man.

Roy Teter
IG Handle: @r00y00r
Should I continue growing out my hair? I’ve been frowning it out for about 10 months and I really like it but a lot of people think I should cut it.

Cameron Kent
IG Handle: N/A
How do I get more Volume in the top of my hair??

Sebastian Yednak
IG Handle: N/A‎
What type of hair do i have?
(See this video for more on this topic: )

Mohamed Azeri
IG Handle: @Mohamedazeri
I really do not know what I should be going for in my hair region because it’s the first time I’m doing anything significant with my hair (aka growing it), I would really use some advice on how to take care of my hair in health and appearance. Btw I took the test on the naturally curly site and my hair is a 3A type, hope that helps. Thx my dude

Special Mentions:
IG Handle: @jaleelnass

IG Handle: @chiranjeevi_bussa

IG Handle: N/A

IG Handle: N/A

Ino Zijlema
IG Handle: @ino_nothing

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And that pretty much concludes my Reviewing Subscribers Hair episode six. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I really, really, really do love doing this.

Looking at your hairstyles every single month is just like so fun. It gives me something else to look at rather than my own frickin’ face in the mirror.

So yeah, keep the photos coming through. Make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the Like button so I get really popular in the YouTube search engine, and I’ll see you next week for another video. Okay, goodbye!

Yours in good hair,


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