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Is it a bun or a man bun? Lol who cares… but here’s a video on how to detangle your hair after it’s been in one for a couple of days lol.

Before we get started, here’s a link to a cheap wide tooth comb and the detangler spray I use to detangle my hair:
Detangler Spray:

I’ve actually been seeing a few questions from you guys about how to detangle knotty man bun hair and it’s very easy and I usually find that my hair knots up really badly after I’ve been wearing it in a man bun for days or bun.

In this video I showcase my out of bed man bun hair and how knotty and tangly it can get. I also shared my quicky and easy method I use to detangle it.

So the first thing I use is a wide tooth comb. The reason I like a wide tooth comb is because literally hair can fit through this thing. When you’ve got really knotty tangly hair, if you’re using a little fine tooth comb or even a paddle brush, the bristles might wide-set, but there’s so much volume and so much hair that has goes through this that it’s hard to detangle it.

I find with a wide tooth comb, it’s literally just a thin piece of utensil going through all of the hair and it helps make everything a lot easier when it comes to detangling.

Now, in saying that, I can’t just use a wide tooth comb on it’s own to detangle my hair easily and solve all my problems, I need something to make it a little bit more lubricated, if you know what I mean.

Because it gets very dry and then when I’m trying to put a brush through it with no liquid it’s a hair deal and it just doesn’t work. So using something like a detangler spray, they actually have these.

The detangler spray I use is from Davroe. And what it does is it just makes my hair feel a little bit silkier. So when I actually put the comb through it, it works better.

A makeshift version of a detangler spray is just like a spray bottle with water. I mean, it’s not the most effective, but the main idea is to just lubricate your hair and be able to detangle it with a comb.

To see all of the above in action make sure you watch the video right the way through and I look forward to seeing you next week for another video!

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